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Forefeather is a globe trotting artist, producer, and songwriter. His music is created from the peaks and perils of life. Equally influenced by spirituality and consciousness as he is by debauchery and destruction, Forefeather creates genre-bending music that sonically marries the two varying outlooks. By placing powerful lyrics over cinematic instrumentals,  Feather doesn’t shy away from the trials and tribulations of reality and recognizes that true happiness can be found from both the messy and pristine moments we endure as humans.

Feather believes one of the best ways to achieve self-growth is to surround yourself with people unlike you, and this belief carries over to his music. Surrounding himself with an abundance of musical influences, he has created a one-of a kind sound that pulls from many places. Combining melody and instrumentation found anywhere from contemporary R&B to alternative rock and electronica, with elements of alternative hip-hop, soul flow, and pop rap vocals sprinkled in, Forefeather delivers music that welcomes you no matter who you are.

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